Saturday, 29 November 2008

I'm Alive!

Gah I tried to go on a run of blog posts but alas I hit a wall and once again my blog goes silent for a while, so I'm sorry for that once again *bows*

Anyway moving on to my own personal gaming history, I'll start when I was a wee lad about the age 4, where I was a very small person back then who still believed in Santa Claus who I believed was an addict to cookies and Fosters =P. It was Christmas 1994 and I just went to a Christmas party (which sucked and was just plain cold), and upon returning I was greeted by cookies, fosters and a huge box under the tree, obviously being as young as I was I jumped to it like a mouse to cheese. To my pleasant surprise, it was a Sega Megadrive, or genesis as it's known, but for my personal preference it will always be the MEGADRIVE. With this Megadrive came my very first game Sonic and Knuckles and dear god did I get addicted to it, I just loved the entire game, the jumping, the sound the insane number of rings you'd collect and of course the odd flippy thing which the cartridge had which confused me to no end....until I got the other sonic games where I discovered the awesome power of COMBINING...GATTAI DA!!!! (or lock on technology as wikipedia calls it =P)and with this game came my addiction to sonic and art in general, as it made me buy the rest of the games (where I was introduced to Tails who has my name, but hates TAILS is any better D:) , buy plushies and figurines and buy the comics, which in turn made me want to draw but I'll talk about that another time, for now I'll continue about the rest of my early gaming history.

After I got my Megadrive, my Dad discovered a new found usage for markets where he managed to get me a Nintendo Entertainment System, and a plethora of games (those were the days when my dad could actually get a bargain ;___;) those games included the likes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Metal Gear which had a shiny cartridge, and a Zelda game with a gold cartridge, Super Mario Bros and Super Mario bros 3, all of which made me implement the blow technique many times (that sounds a tad bit wrong D:)but one game which had the greatest impact on me is....DUCK HUNT! I spent hours on this game just because of the greatest gaming peripheral EVER the NES light gun or "zapper" and the addicting sound of a duck hitting the floor I'm not crazy....

After having these official consoles, I have one unofficial console which only played one game, even though it wasn't well known and was a cheap ass machine for its time it still holds a place in my heart for its cool look and the fact the game was rather quite fun, twas a racing game, which I think was a sorta outrun rip off as I remember the car flying into the air when it crashed but god those were good times, good times indeed.

And thats it for part one of my personal history, I hope you look forward to hearing more of the history of gaming: The Miles god that sounds so I'll leave you with one of my favorite songs from sonic 3 and knuckles, enjoy *bows*.

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