Wednesday, 14 January 2009


We interrupt this not very consistent flow of blogs to bring you a personal blog, yes my first own blog entry and I'm glad that I have decided to dedicate it to the fiwe just saw, thats right, The Mist. Now coming into this movie I was thinking, omg killer mist, and I immediately thought back to that Simpsons Halloween episode with the green mist, so I was going in expecting a hilarious attempt at making deadly mist scary.

I'm actually quite glad that I was proven wrong because while the mist did herald death, not by a poison mist but by Cloverfield's relatives. After a good while of viewing this film I began to wonder what I would do in that situation because, the way those people in the film reacted I found it to be irritant and made me say many times to myself, why would they do such a thing? Especially with how they rallied with the religious woman. Are people so fragile that they allow themselves to follow a mad woman shouting out cooky phrases like she is the vessel of god...I'm sure if God ever chose for someone to be a vessel he wouldn't allow such a self righteous cow to be it. I really hated how she would so loosely link the bible to what was happening, it was like she was mix and matching to her own needs imo.

But what really hit me and what I thought was the biggest kick to the balls anyone could ever dish out someone was the ending, my god that was a depressing ending, even though I suspected it could happen I didn't think that they would actually go through with it, the fact he used the same gun he used to protect themselves to off them was just gut wrenching, and then only to find a few minutes later the military come strolling by without a care in the world.

Man that was a depressing film, and the fact that he survived made it worse, I think I'm going to watch Dead Set, at least there everyone died and it felt I got some closure but here, its just weird....

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