Sunday, 18 October 2009


Its been a while since I posted a blog, dear god why have I neglected this for so long D:, maybe I should spend less time on DA! Anyway thought I'd come back with something I think worth writing about, the artist I did for the master artist study set by Chris. For the good part of the week I was really stumped on who to actually study, ashamedly I don't really have an artist I look up to, I mean I admire many artists but not one has actually stuck with me, at least not in a way I would idolise them. So yeah it was difficult who to choose, but then Mike's talk on thursday came along and I was reunited with an old friend, Paul C├ęzanne, an artist who I would always use to fall back on when I had to do an artist study in my sketchbook, admittedly to this day I still know very little about the man's personal life but I sure as heck love the way he painted.

He has such a loose style, its detailed but his art tends to insinuate detail even if he doesn't have to draw it in complete and utter detail, its something I love because of the raw emotion that seems to come from his art, it could just be me but seeing an artist's brush strokes is like imagining the painter's arm movements, but yeah its hard for me to explain these kind of things but in short his style his win in my book.

Now in regards to the style, it is no easy thing to emulate, especially on a computer program, I tried on different programs, Sai and photoshop and well they felt ill equipped to deal with it, hence why I started up painter for the first time in a year, and its where I found the perfect utensils to recreate this piece.

It was still tough however as I couldn't recreate the texture that this piece had, so I did the best I could and came up with this, its a bit wonky and what not, but I'm pleased with how it turned out.

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