Monday, 8 December 2008

Chronicles of Miles....

And now with my second history post done I guess I can continue on with my personal gaming history during the middle be quite frank, not a lot actually happened for a looooong while after I got my NES, I barely bought games and just played sonic, streets of rage, and duck hunt for a couple of years....this was until I got myself a gameboy, yes the original and one of the greatest handheld systems EVER despite its brick like qualities. This brought me back into up to date gaming once again, and I found games like super mario and the 6 golden coins and of course that worldwide phenomenom that involved a cute furry yellow rat.

"Just like Mine.....except I had pokemon stickers all over it >__>"

To be fair I was pretty much a nintendo fanboy on everything except Sonic (WHO I SHALL NEVER ABANDON) *crazy mode off* buying almsot exclusively nintendo consoles for a couple of years such as the game boy sequels and the oh so epic Nintendo 64, I loved it not because it was my first experience with 3D gaming but at the same time I had my N64, I also discovered THERE WERE COUNTRIES OUTSIDE THE UK and I had my very own import 64 a cartridge which allowed me to play games from abroad, well as long as I had a game that never saved, which was mischief makers, a game which absolutely rocked, I loved its odd style and 2-D platform gaming.

"Shake Shake Shake"

However after a while I did break the nintendo exclusivity, by getting a SEGA DREAMCAST, OH YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I have to say my most favourite console to date,I don't think nothing can surpass the sense of awe I had when I played it, its menus its games (one of which included SONIC ADVENTURE) were insanely addictive and I swear I played that thing to literal death as it did go up in smoke, and you think I lie, my sonic adventure 2 disk is proof!. I'm rather quite sad that this console didn't reach the same levels of success the playstation did, it had style and substance and didn't disappoint, while I love the playstation 2 I really do blame it for the DC's for xmas I'm finding me a dreamcast to reminisce...

My three favourite DC games:

Sonic Adventure - obviously I bought this cos I love sonic, and after missing out on the games on the sega saturn I had to snap this up, sonic adventure from a time where 3D sonic games weren't held in contempt.

Soul Calibur - A brilliant experience, fast fluid fighting game, and the first fighting game I have ever truly got addicted too, I swear Kilik and Maxi kicked ass just for their weapons alone. I need SC4 SO BAD!

Trickstyle - A really stylish racing game, I'm a sucker for sleek futuristic cities, especially when they don't involve a post apocalyptic setting. Plus races were fast and so full of eye candy.

And thats it for this installment of my gaming history, hope you enjoyed your stay *bows*.

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Deadpool118 said...

Sweet Christmas Miles! Mischief Makers, now that was a game :]
I'll hafta trace it back again...