Tuesday, 9 December 2008


Now here we are in the 21st century a period of gaming I'm sure a majority my readers (if any =P) are aware of but alas I shall delve into them, this period introduced to us the like of the playstation 2 one of the most successful consoles to date, and while I hate it for killing off mah precious Dreamcast, I still love it to bits as it has brought me many moments of gaming brilliance such as this one time our first play of vice city we managed to mess up crash horridly on a bridge, but with perfect timing a faggio scooter just went pass as if nothing happened like IT WAS MOCKING US =P, it had us on the floor for a good number of minutes.

"dun DUN DUN!!!!!1111"

It was also where a third party was once again brought into the console wars with the emergence of the xbox console made by Microsoft, an attempt to plant their hook in the gaming industry, despite the xbox being expensive to produce, it managed to match the gamecube's sales by the end of its production run and managed to secure Microsoft's place as one of the BIG THREE of gaming. Speaking of the Big three, the 21st century was also a turning point for Nintendo, who focused on innovation more than graphics and power like sony and microsoft with their powerhouses. This is where the consoles of the DS and wii came in, both made with new input devices to change the gaming experience, the DS with two screens, one being a touch screen and the Wii with its unique motion control system.

The only other changes to consoles would probably be there power, especially for the xbox360 and ps3 the successors to the Xbox and ps2 respectively and the EPICNESS THAT IS HIGH DEFINITION GAMING, I just recently bought a hdtv and playing games on the thing is like a dream *_____*. In my opinion it feels like the roles of both the xbox and playstation have reversed in recent years, especially with the Xbox having a more established presence than the ps3, just like how the ps2 was around before the Xbox arrived.

"dun DUN DUNNNN!!!!!!!!!!11111 the sequel!"

Other big developments that have happened so far in our fledgling century are the rise in online gaming and casual gaming. Online gaming has become a much more popular due to franchises such as Warcraft and Final fantasy making the leap to Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games drawing in millions and the Xbox 360 and its Xbox live setup bringing easy online gaming access to console gamers which I LOVE IT for, I swear Halo online kicks ass so much that I have totally neglected the main campaign =P.

And this last bit, is that casual gaming has become much larger, especially with the inclusion of titles such as guitar hero and singstar and of course the Nintendo Wii, which regardless of the hardcore games on it, its main intention is blatantly a console for casual gamers, I mean the thing was packaged with wiisports which is basically a game of mini-games intended for a quick game or two. While I don’t condemn casual games as I love wiisports and have enjoyed guitar hero with others, it’s ending up with a slew of cheapass games being made in an attempt to cash into the casual game market. For example the High school musical game, it’s basically a bloody singstar ripoff with Disney people in it....

"seriously -.-;"

Hmmmm now as for the future of gaming I want to see more games that aren’t so UBER REALISTIC AND USE A COLOUR PALLETE OF BROWNS AND GREYS, this is why I’ve been looking forward to games such as Sonic Unleashed, it just oozes colour and vibrancy. And more games with something new to bring like Mirrors Edge, I wouldn’t mind seeing some hybrid genres, like n MMORPG with the fighting system of Devil May cry, so basically I want more focus on gameplay styles than fancy ass graphics, something I think capcom have realised with the release of Megaman 9 and its return to the 8-bit stylings of old. Also I want to see the wii develop into a proper 1:1 motion controller, yes its getting close with the new 1:1 attachment but it won't be truly you swinging a sword around, hmmm thinking about it I might as well just wish for virtual reality gaming like that holo deck on star trek except with less chances of dying everytime ya use it =P.

"This guy has the right idea"

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