Thursday, 29 April 2010

2nd Year Round up

With the End of the year arising, I've taken the time to look back at this year, and it's fair to say, it's been a pretty bad one mind you, what started as a clean slate, something I could jump on, I was a damn enthusiastic guy at the beginning of this year, I was doing work on time, I had everything scheduled so I wouldn't fall behind, then BAM unforseen circumstances completely threw me off my game, I was a wreck of anxiety and stess, work piled up on me and I couldn't keep up with it, fair to say it's pretty much been the same up till now, while I have been doing my share of work, due to stress and being sick a lot of some odd reason, my mind and work has been all over the place. These past few weeks, have been somewhat a haven for me, it's the first time in ages I feel I have had a steady production rate of work. It's also where I've started to become more comfortable with 3d work.

The group project while sketchy due to our lack of focus has come out well, and has left me with a better understanding of 3ds Max, I've managed to speed up my work time, and while my work isn't the best, when comapring with how I was at the start of the year, it may not be much but I really have improved. I also have a fondness for Unreal, after playing with particle effects and water effects and playing with my assets in game I couldn't help but feel giddy and want to make more. It's truly an amazing engine, intimidating at first for sure but when you have used it for a while, it's like a dream, still it's a bitch to handle at times.

I'm awfully unsure of how well I will do come assesment time, though whatever the case, despite many problems I've faced, I've come to the realisation that I desperetly want to work in the games industry, it's not just OMG GAMES GLEEEEEEEEEE~ now, it's something else, watching my friends play games, seeing how such amazing things are coming out of the games industry, the innovation, the engines, the styles, it just makes me want a piece of that action. Hopefully I have what it takes to get there, whatever route it may be, I want in.

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