Thursday, 29 April 2010

The Group Project - My thoughts

Despite the amazing level that we created, I think it's fair to say that the group project didn't go as smoothly as we hope we would. We were plagued by sickness alot, leading to some of us not showing up for ages, it's odd how much bad mojo, we were a decent lot of people, there was little conflict and what led to any conflict was due to our unbelivably bad luck. Now I'm not making any excuses, we should have prepared for the worse, and I'm sure everyone takes responsibility for their own personal downfalls but it does feel we had the odds stacked against us. Our biggest concern really was communication, we barely communicated outside the blog and labs and that's where I think a good deal of our problems lay (it was particularly bad for me, as my phone doesn't seem to work anymore D:) so I'd like to see how a project would result if we used a much more active platform, looking at other groups the forum approach worked wonders.

With that said, I'm pleased with how the level turned out, I didn't have much involvement outside of brainstorming some minute ideas, modelling and unreal effects but I still did enjoy the experience despite my lack of contribution which I sorely regret (personal complex must sort that out later). It was refreshing to work with a team and is an experience I'd like to try again with a brand new outlook that learns on our past mistakes.

As for me, I'm still not entirely sure I've done enough when I look at other groups contributions, but there was only so much I could do in our small level and with my particularly low skill level, but I do feel things like the pipes make up I guess considering how I made them into a kit of sorts to be implemented around the level and my sexy badass fire. Though I do wish I did more but that's my own fault for not being vocal enough. Which leads to what I would have done differently in the project, I guess in hindsight, set up the forum, be more vocal with my ideas and generally interact and work more with other team members, working in a group was a big hurdle for me, and while I may not have been the most engaging it does feel like I've made a huge personal leap.

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