Sunday, 15 March 2009

Be Creative yo!

'Creativity without craft is like fuel without an engine - it burns wildly but accomplishes little...'

I rather bold claim which I believe is quite the opposite of what Creativity is, granted it does apply to some circumstances were creativity is wasted but if you were to look around you right now, everything you own may it be clothes or a toaster are the result of someone’s creativity, which while they may seem insignificant are what your daily lives are reliant on in one way or another.
It’s so significant that even the government is getting in on the creative action, but what exactly is this thing called creativity, I’ve heard a fair few variations of it, some call it the simple ability to come up with new things, which isn’t wrong creativity is what conjures all new inventions, however creativity doesn’t just revolve around our ability to think of new things, it goes a step farther, it manifests those new things...

The Imagination is a wonderful thing isn’t it, everyone thinks up dreams, random oddities that only the imaginary world could create, yet more than often this vivid imagination is put to rest in lay of other more important matters such as that important maths test next week.....okay that example doesn’t quite fit us at nowadays but does bring up the idea that education is blocking our creativity but more on that later, first I must explain what I believe creativity to be, now creativity I believe is defined by its results. Sure people can have a creative mind, but to truly be creative in my minds is to make your imagination, your creative brain spasms a reality. Like I said before Creativity is everywhere, and is in everyone, it’s only truly defined when it is a given a value, or shall I say an outlet.

An outlet can come in many forms, as a writer, as a musician, a cook and even a programmer. They use their minds to create amazing pieces of work from a symphony to that code of lining that allows me to write my name in msn....anyway I’m sure you get my point by now. Creativity is only truly apparent when it is given a value and is so ambiguous because it comes in many different forms.

The gaming industry a relatively young outlet for the creative minds of the world, the creativity shown in obvious aspects such as the concept art, but it can also be found in more low key aspects such as the design document, a whole lot of writing but the result of people’s creativity merging into one formidable powerhouse to create a game. And even then the development stages, while things like modelling may seem like they’re simply following a concept design, they’re using their creativity to make a mesh that adheres to the design without losing its original charm.

Among the industry however I’d say creativity varies, because while I believe that creativity can be conjured up anywhere, in some cases with sequels and remakes, creativity is a lot less apparent as studios are reusing previous wells of creativity. This is where I praise companies like Rare, Atlus and other various studios who often make original games, even if they are sequels, I mean looking at Rare’s latest Banjo Kazooie game, they completely revamped the way the game plays introducing a new mechanical workshop aspect to the proceedings and in the case of Atlus they are responsible for games such as persona 3, Trauma Centre, Odin Sphere and Bonk’s Adventures, such uniquely different games, all of which I have enjoyed immensely.

As for me showing my creativity I like having my art put up on websites, shown to people, but what I think what truly defines my creativity when people can purely enjoy my work, I guess which is why I want to work in an industry such as this, because my work will somehow bring enjoyment to people, of course if I work on a game like high school musical, I’ll both be glad for my work giving people enjoyment but also punching myself thinking WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!!!

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