Sunday, 15 March 2009

In this worllllld~

I think of myself as someone who is quite well versed in the ways of gaming culture, despite having never played an online pc game which is what most of it seemed to originate from, in fact actually I’m quite ill-informed of the whole darn thing, perhaps it’s because I often get it mixed up with internet culture, anyway enough of that, on to the fantastical world of gaming culture.

The ever eternal image of gamers being in dark, dark rooms playing their war craft is still an apparent image in today’s world, however in truth the gaming culture has changed tenfold, heck it’s nowhere as geeky as it once was. The gaming culture has become a much more widespread phenomenon as gaming has become more main stream, gaming icons have become pop icons, Mario and sonic being the main contenders appearing on shirts at top shop, who would have ever thought it?! It’s also become a much more social past time; while I have never met anyone and stayed in contact with them on an online game, I’ve heard of people who have made great friendships with people they’ve met over Xbox live or counter strike and in some cases even find their soul mate.

I have however found myself engulfed in the Online Sonic culture, as some may know I’m a sonic fan and when meeting likeminded people online I sort of got sucked into the whole thing. And I must say it does encompass a large part of my life, while not obsessive I have an extensive list of people on MSN who I have met through sonic websites and some just randomly met on other forums, which while I have never met in my life (well except for a few when I went to a con) are all a joy to talk to. Of course in a non-stalkerish way I’d one day want to meet these people in person, especially since it gives me an excuse to go on a round the world tour for something other than sightseeing.

Summer of Sonic 08 pic of smallish concert with Richard jaques and Bentley jones. See if you can spot me in the pic ;D

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