Monday, 30 March 2009

The sound of moosic

Sound is used in the same way as it is in tv shows and films in games, you have your diegetic sounds for environments such as birds chirping in the forest or the clangy pipe in the engine room. As well as that music tracks are used in a way to build suspense and drive action in a way similar to films which use music to build up, say the evil killer hiding round the corner. Music has been a staple aspect of the gaming industry with games like Mario and Sonic having music from their games immortalised in pop culture. They have become a sort of trademark of each series, and while I wouldn’t say game music is iconic as it was back in the day, it still gives games their own unique feel.

In series’, music is often remixed or uses a band contracted to the company, two examples of this include Final Fantasy, and we all know the victory theme, mainly because it has been in use since the very first game and has just been remixed.

The other example is sonic the hedgehog series, while i must say the quality has been decreasing, the music always seems do well, most of the games in the latest generations use the band Crush 40 an in house band at sega, and have a unique style which can be used to familiarise with modern sonic games.

I have to say the key sonic moments in my gaming history, well most of which are from sonic games, an apparent one would be the finale of sonic adventure 2 on the dreamcast, hearing the main theme blasting through my speakers as I dash at a giant space ship monster in space is a thing of beauty.

Actually most of my favourite music moments are sonic endings , here’s another of my faves. The part I really like is at 1:49

Instrumentals really do hit home for me sometimes

As for good times, I honestly have no idea, atm while I listen to it I think of GmTV, which reminds me I need food......


Zongyi Chen said...
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Zongyi Chen said...

Whoo I loved the FF Victory Fanfares video! I favourited that in my youtube account ages ago :3

Love the FF3 one, it's so cute.

FF7 fanfare = looove.

FF8 = WTF?! Tiptoe dance.

FF10 = Ooo I'll be listening to this all Easter.

FF10-2 = Wtf >_>

And the best one of all... is the FF12 victory fanfare! It's sounds so magjestic =w=