Sunday, 15 March 2009


I often look into my pocket and find some random notes I completely forget about, and then I immediately think of the recession, only briefly mind as I end up going to the market to buy a cheapass game.

Of course while I’m buying the game, the recession is having a serious impact on the gaming industry these days, more than often have I overheard stories of the third years being worried about going into the industry at such an unstable time, and so they should be, as companies have been dropping employees left right and centre as well as a fair few reputable companies going under.
Companies such as Sony and Microsoft have laid of hundreds and Free Radical, made famous for their Time splitters series were closed suddenly due to the credit crunch meaning more lost jobs. This entire situation has now led to a much more competitive industry for people like us, with more jobs being lost it means more people are returning to the job pool and are a hell of a lot more experienced than us. This may sound very daunting yet it is true, we are in drastic times people and only the best shall come out!!

But seriously it puts this course into perspective, I now truly understand why the course is structured in such a way, it’s to give us the best push into the industry. Not only does it develop our creative skill set but it also allows us to develop as creative thinkers, not just through the art but in the form of these blog tasks, which I think will be a great help indeed especially when talking with co-workers in the industry, as in one website I read said, it’s always good to have connections, if not for the social aspect, having a friendly face in a company you are trying to get work in is both a comforting feeling and an amazing advantage.

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