Tuesday, 10 March 2009

What does this button do?

Over the years I have accumalated a large amount of game consoles, to the point with bar few I have owned almost every mainstream console since the 90s, thus as with many I’ve seen a great change in the style and interface of consoles. I still remember my brick like Nes,those where the days, I thought nothing could get more brick like that it, but then I looked a bit further back and saw such tecnological beasts such as the Brown box which was jsut as it title implies a brown box. It seems that as time has progress consoles are getting more streamlined, almost to the liking of cars. The interface, or lets say the controllers have been a slightly different story, the first joypads, or joysticks as they were, weren’t really pads, the brown box itself was just two knobs that you twist and turn to move things on screen, multiple game controllers used this setup until the Atari 2600, which introduced proper joysticks to the fray, as great as they were though they wouldn’t stick around for long as the D-pad introduced through the Nintendo Entertainment System, which as time wen ton is often placed side by side with extra face buttons, and anallog sticks and digital sticks. The interfaces have changed in adding more tools to tinker with, and with controllers such as the sega megadrive controller started to become more ergonmically friendly with its sleeker design, with such controllers like the ps3 with its concept boomerang controller taking the sleek ergonomic aesthetic to the extreme.

My favourite controller atm has to be the xbox 360 controller, it fits perfectly in my hand and I like how the buttons and controls are placed, also the convienance of having the xbox menu button in the middle is a welcome addition. As for console wise I love the design of the dreamcast, it was a block but it looked modern sorta like a really sci-fi chip pan, but that was still cool in my mind. Of course others may see differently assome consoles are nicely made such as the ps3 with its chrome finish and the xbox with its simply yet slightly retro design.

A good example of how I think games will turn out is the film eXistenZ it was a movie about a game where you would plug it into the back of your head, much like the matrix, in doing so you are totally immersed into the game world. As errie and depressing the film was I can easily see games turning out like this, but a question it brings up is will it get to real for our liking...

"Jack in!"

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